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Our Partnership with Pacha House

Screamwerk regularly partners with Pacha House Denver, offering exclusive psychedelic breathwork events and fundraisers. 


Psychedelic Self-Love: a sound-enhanced somatic breathwork journey thru the psychedelic side of the psyche, is offered via invitation-only to our mailing list.


Join our list to receive an invitation to our next collaborative event.

Psychadelic Breathwork


Psychedelic breathwork is an active, conscious breathing technique to facilitate:

  • Emotional Release

  • Transformative Inner Healing

  • Deep Insights

  • Self Exploration


The psychedelic breathwork experience is set to carefully curated music to bring you on a powerful journey, into profound states of awareness using only sound, breath and body.


Psychedelic breathwork combines dynamic breathing techniques from ancient traditions and research from modern neuroscience together, with vibrational sound bowl music, allowing you to bypass the mind and drop into your body.


By entering an altered state of consciousness, breathwork allows us to access parts of our subconscious we normally are unaware of, or cannot connect to.


You will experience how deep psychedelic breathing helps to quiet the mind to access and release unprocessed energy and emotions in the body, while gaining clarity and insight, and connecting to yourself more deeply.

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