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Coaching Programs

Empowering clients towards wholeness in life + entrepreneurship

Candice offers both personal and business coaching. Her passions are helping people explore the freedom found in sobriety and training other entrepreneurs to incorporate spiritual principles in their work. 

Explore available programs below.



A 1:1 program to align authentically with your professional calling and integrate spiritual principles into your work

  • Launch into a fresh season of success and see your business reach new milestones

  • Gain confidence to price your services according to what you deserve

  • Embrace your authentic identity and connect with your dream clientele

Duration: 12 Weeks 

Investment: $4,500 (payment plans available)

The reality of entrepreneurship is: 

  • Daily confrontation with your worst fears about yourself

  • Feeling like your personal flaws are being exposed to the world

  • Reliving your deepest hurts that make you feel unworthy of the success and happiness you’re fighting so hard for


What if your deepest insecurities are actually your hidden superpowers?


This program is a no-bullsh*t approach to fulfilling your dream career as a full-time entrepreneur. We’ll momentarily set aside manifesting, beautiful vision boards, and fluffy affirmations. Instead, we'll directly address the false inner narratives running your life that are smothering your qualifications, one-of-a-kind brilliance, and creativity.

For 90 days, we’ll dive deep into:

  • Survival-based beliefs you developed in childhood that are keeping you small

  • Personal and professional relationship patterns that are draining your energy and attention away from your goals

  • Addictions that are sucking the joy out of your life

  • Limiting beliefs around worthiness and money that are suffocating your sales

  • False identities you present to the world that disconnect you from authentic community

Program Features


Additional Support

  • Voice Note Access

    • Available Wednesday thru Saturday, 9 AM to 4 PM for personal questions and guidance

  • Two monthly 90-minute phone calls (six total)

  • One monthly in-person or virtual session

    • ​Session options: Breathwork, energetic healing, or 1:1 Mentorship

  • Two-Day Intensive Workshop

    • Day 1: Personal Inventory

    • Day 2: Breathwork facilitator Training

  • Journal prompts

    • Provided regularly for reflection and self-exploration

  • Homework Assignments

    • Tailored exercises to deepen your practice and growth


"In just three coaching sessions, Candice helped me sell out my group course."



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